The sheer joy of travelling

One of the most stunning routes in Europe, the Black Forest Hochstrasse scenic route, is right outside our door. It’s a panoramic route which stretches for 65 km. This fabulous road runs from the valleys, along rolling hills and gently inclining curves, right up to the highest point: the rendezvous at Berghotel Mummelsee.

Enjoy gliding through the coniferous and mixed forests, with fabulous views into the valley of the Rhine or over the mountains of the Black Forest. This is really comfortable biking that gives you a wonderful experience.

All the more so if your goal is Mummelsee. You’re sure of a warm welcome here, both in the beer garden or on the terrace where you can see what’s going on, and keep an eye on the motorbike parking area at the same time. Whether you are just resting or spending the night, you will enjoy a stop surrounded by nature. You will quickly find kindred spirits here. Welcome!

And if your two-wheeled friend needs something, we have a cleaning area and tools for repairs all ready for you. If you are staying the night, you can keep your motorbike safe in a locked storeroom.

We are happy to give you touring maps and ideas too.